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12V / 24V SE-450 AC DC LED Power Supply Voltage LED Driver

12V / 24V SE-450 AC DC LED Power Supply Voltage LED Driver

    • 12V / 24V SE-450 AC DC LED Power Supply  Voltage LED Driver
    • 12V / 24V SE-450 AC DC LED Power Supply  Voltage LED Driver
  • 12V / 24V SE-450 AC DC LED Power Supply  Voltage LED Driver


    Place of Origin: China
    ชื่อแบรนด์: Meanwell
    ได้รับการรับรอง: CE,ROHS, TUV, UL
    Model Number: SE-450 Single Output Switching Power Supply


    Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
    ราคา: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Export Standard Packaging
    Delivery Time: 5-7 work days after receiving deposit
    Payment Terms: Ex works
    Supply Ability: 30000pcs/month
    DIMENSION: 225*124*50mm (L*W*H) Protections: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage / Over temperature
    PACKING: 1.25Kg;12PCS/16Kg/1CUFT Over voltage protection: 115%~145%
    EMC EMISSION: Compliance to EN55022 (CISPR22) Class B, EN61000-3-2,-3 DC Voltage: 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V, 36V, 48V
    Overload protection: 105%~150% Shut down o/p voltage, repower on to recover Warranty: 2 Years


    Meanwell SE-450 AC DC LED Power Supply 12V 24V Constant Voltage LED Driver​​​ 
    Enclosed SE Series 100w-450w Miniature Features:
    1. AC input selectable by switch
    2. Withstand 300VAC surge input for 5 seconds (SE-200/350)
    3. Protections: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage / Over temperature (except for SE-100)
    4. Forced air cooling by built-in DC fan (SE-350/450)
    5. Built-in fan ON/OFF control (SE-350)
    6. Built-in constant current limiting circuit (SE-200/350)
    7. Withstand 5G vibration test (SE-200/350)
    8. Built-in remote sense function (SE-450)
    9. 100% full load burn-in test
    10. LED indicator for power on
    11. 2 years warranty
    SE Series SE-350 Single Output Switching Power Supply Features:
    1. AC input active surge current limiting
    2. AC input range selected by switch
    3. Protections: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage / Over temperature.
    4. Forced air cooling by built-in DC ball bearing fan
    5. Built-in remote sense function
    6. LED indicator for power on
    7. UL approved
    9. 2 years warranty

    Enclosed Switching Power Supplies
    SE Series:
    Single Output Switching Power Supply: SE-100, SE-200, SE-350, SE-450, SE-600, SE-1000, SE-1500
    Quick Details of 450w Single Output LED Switching Power Supply:

    450W-Single Output
    Model No. Output Tol. R&N Effi.
    SE-450-3.3 3.3V, 0~75A ±3% 200mV 74%
    SE-450-5 5V, 0~75A ±3% 200mV 78%
    SE-450-12 12V, 0~37.5A ±1% 200mV 83%
    SE-450-15 15V, 0~30A ±1% 200mV 84%
    SE-450-24 24V, 0~18.8A ±1.5% 200mV 86%
    SE-450-36 36V, 0~12.5A ±1% 200mV 86%
    SE-450-48 48V, 0~9.4A ±1% 200mV 88%


    SE Series 100w to 450w Specfications:


    Model No. SE-100 SE-200 SE-350 SE-450

    AC input 

    voltage range

      115/230VAC by switch

    AC inrush 

    current (max.)

      Cold start,
    36A at 230VAC
    Cold start,
    55A at 230VAC
    Cold start,
    60A at 230VAC
    Cold start,
    55A at 230VAC

    DC adjustment



    -5%~+10% rated 

    output voltage

    ±10% rated output voltage



    Range 110%~150% 105%~150% 105%~135% 105%~150%
    Type Hiccup mode, auto-recovery

    Constant current limiting,


    Shut down o/p 

    voltage, repower 

    on to recover

    Over voltage 


      115%~135% 115%~145%



      I/P - O/P: 3kVAC, I/P - FG: 1.5kVAC, O/P-FG: 0.5kVAC



      -20~+60°C -20~+60°C -20~+60°C

    -10~+60°C (refer 

    to output derating




      UL60950-1, GB4943(SE-100 only) approved




    EN55022 class B, EN61000-3-2,3, EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8,11, 

    GB9254 for SE-100 only


    7P/9.5mm pitch terminal block 9P/9.5mm pitch terminal block 

    with cover 9P/11mm pitch terminal block with cover



      159x 97x 38 215x 115x 50 225x 124x 50
    Case No.   901 912E 912C 986A
    Packing   30pcs/17.5kg 12pcs/12kg 12pcs/13.5kg 12pcs/16kg


    1. All parameters not specially mentioned are measured at 230VAC input, rated load and 25℃ of ambient temperature.
    2. Ripple & noise are measured at 20MHz of bandwidth by using a 12" twisted pair-wire terminated with a 0.1uf & 47uf parallel capacitor.
    3. Tolerance : includes set up tolerance, line regulation and load regulation.

    SE-450 Series Datasheet:

    12V / 24V SE-450 AC DC LED Power Supply  Voltage LED Driver


    12V / 24V SE-450 AC DC LED Power Supply  Voltage LED Driver

    SE Series SE-450 Models Available:



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