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8 channel led controller

8 channel led controller

8 channel led controller


Place of Origin: china
ชื่อแบรนด์: RayElite
ได้รับการรับรอง: CE, ROHS
Model Number: RT-DL144-B1


Minimum Order Quantity: 10
ราคา: negotiation
Packaging Details: Carton box
Delivery Time: 14 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1000pcs/month

8 channel led controller


high power LED power supply, with meanwell PSU, compliant with Anolis Martin Abstract AVR


Quick Detail
Model Number: RT-DL144-A1
Brand Name: RayElite
Type: led constant current controller
Lamp Power (W): 144W
Input Voltage (V): 90-250V
Place of Origin: Guangdong China
Gross Weight: 1.6kg
Package Size: 194*135*70mm

LED fixture offers unlimited colors to enhance your enviroment. The versativity natures and reliable performance of this product makes it ideal for all sectors of entertainment.

Specifications :

Model No.:: RT-DL144-B1
Power supply: 90-250V
DMX: 4ch,5ch,6ch,7ch,8ch DMX modes
Power output R,G,B,W 500MA 4CH output, total 144 watts
Upgrade software can be updated via dmx port
display 2×16 blue LCD display
refresh rate refresh rate 1000HZ,suitable for TV studio
Dimension: 194*135*70mm
N.W.: 1.6KG
BOX SIZE 20*14*8CM

Menu MAP

8 channel led controller


In DMX mode, you have 5 modes to select according to programming requirement for your environment: 4ch, 5ch, 6ch, 7ch and 8ch mode.


Test Mode is designed to test LEDs and fans if they are all working. 1. Press MENU botton to scroll top menu until Test Mode displays, press Enter button to enter Test Mode. 2. Use Up/Down button to select Test LED or Test Fan, then press Enter button to go to Test LED or Test Fan. 3. Press Up/Down to test Red, Green, Blue, All LEDs or test fan ON/OFF

In Master/Slave operating mode, all Slave units are to be set to Slave Mode and Slave ID is required for each Slave unit. 1. Press MENU button go to System Mode, then use Up/Down button to select System Mode [Slave] and press Enter button to enter. 2. Use Up/Down button to set up a Slave ID number for that unit. The first Slave connected with the Master unnit is Slave ID [1], the next Slave units are Slave ID [2], Slave ID [3], and son on.

In this mode, you can combine 3 editable, 21 built-in programs and running time of each program without external DMX controller


Disco and Club

Live performance

Stage show


Home decorate

Competitive advantages:
wall mount, high quality high efficency PFC power supply with CE RoSH SAA C-tick approval from meanwell, refresh rate 1000HZ for TV studio or stage venue,free flickering,RGBW 4CH 700MA output,high efficency high reliability, silent fan for cooling, new firmware updatable via DMX port.



Detail & Effect




8 channel led controller

8 channel led controller

8 channel led controller

8 channel led controller

8 channel led controller

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