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Portable International Travel Adapter 4 Port USB Wall Charger For iPhone 6s

Portable International Travel Adapter 4 Port USB Wall Charger For iPhone 6s

Portable International Travel Adapter 4 Port USB Wall Charger For iPhone 6s


Place of Origin: China
ชื่อแบรนด์: Active Life
ได้รับการรับรอง: CE / ROHS / FCC
Model Number: NUT3017


Minimum Order Quantity: 1000pcs
ราคา: Negotiation For Different Customers Need
Packaging Details: Poly Bag , Blister Box , Gift Box Or Customized
Delivery Time: One Week Since Order Confirmed
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union , Paypal
Supply Ability: 30000000 Pieces Per Month
Material: PC Color: White
Characteristic: 4 Port UK USB Travel Charger Application: In Home , Office Place Or Car
Package: Poly Bag , Blister Box , White Box Or Customized LED Lighting: Come With Red Or Blue LED Lighting When Charging

compact travel adapter


usb travel charger

Portable UK USB Travel Charger 4 Port USB Wall Charger For iPhone 6s / 6s Plus 1. Products Characteristics: 1. It’s portable and convenient 2. Efficient Charge 3. Can be used in a variety of power environment 4. Charge for your smart devices 5. Ideal for travel, home or office 6. Offers fast, efficient charging 7. High efficiency and low energy consumption 8. Patented circuit board design ,protective circuit to prevent overcharging 9. Use your existing USB charge/ sync cable

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